Pool Tables

Royal Awards is a factory authorized Olhausen billiards and pool table dealer and service center offering table moves, re-felting, cushion replacement and restoration.  Royal Awards stocks new and used pool tables and accessories such as cues, ball sets, 2 piece cues, house cues, chalk, felt, tips, ferrules and does in-house cue repair and tip replacement.


Used Pool Tables –  There are bargains out there on used pool tables but unfortunately most used tables are not worth the cost to bring them home even if they are free to you.

Keep in mind that it is costly to tear down, move and set up a pool table.  Setting up a table is a highly trained skill and requires special tools and equipment to do it properly.  For example a quality construction level is no where near accurate enough to level slate.  If the table needs felt, this expense combined with the cost of the relocation and set up alone will cost more than the value of many used tables.  If cushions  are needed then I would say you have exceeded the value of 95% of the used tables on the market.

If you are in the market for a used table my first recommendation is to buy one from from a reputable dealer.  The price of the table will usually include installation and set up and if there are any problems you have someone to address them.  We guaranty set up and playability on every used table I sell unless stated otherwise.

If, however, you decide to go it on your own I can make many recomendations, tell you what to look for and potentially steer you away from a money pit that will never play correctly!  In short, the worst seem to be many of the tables from the 1970s to present.  Composite materials have been used extensively for structural members lending many of these tables unable to support the slate in a stable manor.  Many of these tables suffer such basic engineering flaws as to have cushions that never did and never will act lively and slate that will be thrown out of level as soon as the rails are bolted to the table.  In this case the pressure applied by the rail bolt actually throws the slate out!!!  Unfortunately these basic flaws are not limited to foreign made or lesser name brand tables.  In fact some of the highest respected names in billiards were (and still are!) guilty of such poor design.

Used tables?  Like I said there are some bargains and they aren’t always what you expect.  Call us, we need to talk.